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71% of the planet is for ‪scuba‬ divers. 29% is for everyone else. Where do you want to be?!


Want to learn how to scuba dive? It really is easier than you think to get your scuba certification...


Escape to a different world. Scuba takes you to a different world with new colours, shapes, textures and creatures – a world where the roles you play – husband, wife, mother, father, friend – take on a new dimension. Become a scuba diver and escape to a peaceful place to renew your energy and excite your senses.

The PADI Open Water Course


Explore new places. Scuba diving frees you to explore the underwater world – from historic shipwrecks and pristine reefs to the magnificent underwater aquarium. Become a scuba diver and explore what you’ve been missing.

The PADI Advanced Open Water Course


Experience a connection with nature; a feeling of freedom, and a transformation. Diving connects you with nature. It immerses you in new sensations and experiences. It transforms your perception of life forever. Become a diver and transform yourself.

The PADI Specialty Courses


We dive not to escape life, but for life not to escape us!


Who I Am

I'm Peter, a passionate dive instructor and underwater enthusiast. I did my Discover Scuba Diving in 2003 in Malta and got immediately hooked!

After getting my first diving certificate, I have been diving in places such as Greece, Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, Azores, Vietnam and yes even Lithuania!

My professional career as a PADI Divemaster started in the Red Sea in Dahab, Egypt back in 2009. In 2014, after more than 500 dives, I decided to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

I am also a Digital Underwater Photography Instructor, Deep Instructor, Enriched Air (Nitrox) Instructor, Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor and Wreck Instructor.

I organise courses in co-operation with Dahab Divers Lodge in Dahab, Egypt.



% of Earth for divers


% of Earth for everyone else

So, where do you want to be?!


Enjoy the reefs


Happy new Divers

And Instructor ;-)


Meet new friends

Someday we're all gonna dive!


Well, not really a blog...more a compilation of photo galleries, video's and snapshots of great dives & perhaps eventually some stories

Clown fish

Dahab November 2014
DiveNow Albums

A little photo album of underwater photos made during a trip to Dahab in November 2014.

Sea horse - Hippocampus fuscus

Why Seahorses?
DiveNow Article

Essential facts about seahorses

Canyon - Abu Talha
DiveNow Videos

Awesome 80 minute dive with Marlies & Jan on November 20 from the Canyon to Abu Helal in Dahab, Egypt.

The Caves - Dahab
DiveNow Videos,Media

Nice dive at The Caves, Dahab, Egypt with Eelco, Mohamed & Peter on November 26, 2014. Thanks Dahab Divers Lodge!

Reggae Shark - Key of Awesome
DiveNow Videos,Media

Truly awesome animation: a must see ;-)

Live your life - Go diving!




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